September 17, 2008

Milf Cougar Shayla Pounces On Delievery Boy Comments Off

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Milf Cougar Shayla
Boy i’ll tell you what this is a classic example of a horny milf cougar looking for a tasty lunch. Shayla LaVeaux is a rich cougar that all she can do is lay around all day everyday thinking about younger men. The ex husband just wasnt doing it for her anymore and younger college age men is what gets her pussy vibrating these days. Todays delivery boy Nick is always on the lookout for a good fuck but has never been lucky enough to score and older more experienced woman. Boy today is the day though, shayla didnt give a fuck about the house gift he was bringing by. She took to him like a cougar on a lamb and pulled his pants down and started sucking like it was the last dick she was ever gonna be able to make hard. Her pussy was dripping hot juices as the moisture started running down her leg she finally got the hard dick she desired.

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April 16, 2008

Raveness the Sultry MILF Brunette Housewife Comments Off

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Raveness the Horny Cougar Brunette

Rayveness likes her men young. She reels them in with her milky tits and amazing cougar pussy at age 18 or 19; and turns them into men. However once they turn 25 she considers them too old for her insatiable cougar tastes. She feels bad for her long time fuck buddy, Mikey – as he’s just turned 25 and is too old for her to fuck. Raveness decides to let Mikey fuck her one more time – but more so because she’s always horny for young dick to pound her perfect cougar body.

She didn’t get that name for just anything, she knows how to give an amazing cougar blowjob – with the perfect combination of tongue and suction between her ruby red lips. She’s the MILF porn superstar that just doesn’t quit!


November 15, 2007

Live Sexy Cougars on Cam! (2 Comments)

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Sometimes you want to see a real live cougar in front of your eyes that you can converse with. These sexy MILFs from will chat with you one on one and give you what only a sexy mature woman can.

October 4, 2007

Cheating Housewife Ginger Lee (0 Comments)

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Cheating Housewife Ginger Lee

Ginger is a 32 yr old school teacher from Wisconsin, but really just wants to fuck after talking to Joe, the camera man on the phone. You see they hit it off so well Ginger flew out to meet him and the rest is history. I wonder if her loser husband really knows what she is doing in sunny southern California? Who knows maybe he will be jerking off one day, and will see her.

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June 2, 2007

Naughty Julie Gives a Sloppy Blowjob (0 Comments)

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naughty julie gives a blowjob

Naughty Julie is my favorite dirty housewife in the world. Just the look of those big blue eyes staring up as she eagerly sucks the cum out of this huge cock like she was born to do it. I think the bandanna that this naughty housewife milf is wearing just makes her look like even more of a dirty cocksucking queen. This is the kind of woman that ever guy wants to marry, the naughty housewife that could be a lady in the streets but once you get home she throws you down on the couch and can’t wait to get a cock in her mouth.

This housewife hunnie has the most amazing ass i’ve ever seen on a desperate housewife, in the site you’ll be able to see what im talking about. Theres a certain picture set with her pulling her jeans down over her nice housewife apple bottom and showing you that perfect pussy that she has.

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April 16, 2007

Naughty Julie flashing outdoors (0 Comments)

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naughty julie amateur outdoors

Theres just something about public nudity that is unlike anything else. Maybe it’s the thrill of doing something that you know you shouldn’t be, or the fact that anyone could come and see it at any moment and catch you. Either way it’s nice to see Naughty Julie’s hot housewife titties being popped out in the car where she could have horny truckers glancing at her perfect housewife body at any moment. This is the type of horny wife that every guy dreams about. She’s a beautiful blonde bombshell who loves to fuck and even lets her hubby get in on some threesome action with her friend Naughty Allie. This gallery has not only one, but two scenes of naughty julie showing you her perfect housewife tits where she shouldn’t. In the second gallery you see this sultry cougar vixen posing out by the pool – maybe the neighbors will get a peek!

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naughty julie amateur housewife

February 15, 2007

Naughty Allie Cumshot Facial (0 Comments)

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Naughty Allie Cumshot Facial

Naughty Allie is a hardcore housewife who definatly knows how to suck a cock. This big tit blonde milf can suck a dick like it’s her job. She loves to give sloppy blowjobs and get huge cumshots all over her beautiful housewife face so you can watch a bust a huge nut. Here Naughty Allie is sucking her hubby’s cock outside while they went for a stroll in the woods. During their walk she just couldn’t help but fantasize about sucking her hubby’s fat cock and taking it all the way down her throat. After giving a nice wet blowjob all she wanted was a big cumshot on her face for her to lick up, she just loves the taste of cum on her tounge!

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February 10, 2007

Housewife Lesbian Threesome (1 Comment)

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Lesbian Housewife Threesome

The only thing that turns me on more than a sexy housewife ready for some sex is two sexy housewives ready for sex. But the only thing better than two housewives who want to fuck, is three housewives all ready to lick eachothers sweet pussies at the same time! Naughty Julie and Naughty Allie wanted a little something more in their sex lives, so they decided to have a steamy lesbian threesome. Three times the mature housewife fun!

After practically ripping off eachothers clothes, they started licking eachothers perky housewife tits and sucking on them wildly. The triple wife sex party then took turns licking eachothers pussies until they came and came again. This is something that any guy would want to be involved in. Who wouldn’t want to be buried in a massive mount of housewife tits and pussy?

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Naughty Allie Getting Fucked

February 5, 2007

Bi-Sexual Housewives in Heat (0 Comments)

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Naughty Julie Lesbian Action

Julie has an insatiable hunger for wet housewife snatch. When her friend Sussy called her up practically begging to come over because she absolutely needed her hot wet love box licked, Julie couldn’t say no. Within 20 minutes of the call, Sussy was at Naughty Julie’s door wearing an overcoat and not much else underneath. After a small bit of chit chat they started kissing eachother softly while rubbing their naughty housewife bodies all over eachother, grinding eachothers juicy pussies until they became more and more wet.

Sliding her own own off first, Naughty Julie slid sussy’s panties down to reveal her moist cunt. She immediately went to town licking up and down as Sussy writhed back and fourth in oral bliss. Licking softly at first, then sliding her tounge in and out of the juicy love hole faster and harder until her legs began to shake so hard she had to grab onto the bed posts to steady herself….

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