January 30, 2010

Cougar Sex Club = FIRE! Comments Off

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Cougar Sex Club is definetly cutting edge right now. Us Cougar lovers are definetly thankful!

October 21, 2009

Adele The Cougar With a Nice Rack Comments Off

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Adele showing her sweet tits

Adele used to be a teen fashion model but now has grown older and therefore “useless” in the eyes of many. Her huge juggs though are so sweet and perfect in my eyes. Adele needs and wants that feeling of being needed by the younger crowd and so desperately wants to fuck a young hard stud like the days of old. Enough so she will do anything to get it, even if it means taking a cock up the ass! God bless her little cougar heart. :)

I havent joined yet but ive heard this new site is really rocking it. Pls report back and let us know!


July 11, 2009

A Gang of Cougars Attack Comments Off

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A Gang of Cougars Attack

These three horny cougars are bored and hungry for some big cock. Demi comes back from the mall with a new guy named David Loso for them to slobber all over. He’s a little intimidated at first, since these three chicks are so hot, but he can’t help getting turned on when each skank is choking on his massive rod. Before he realizes it, he’s getting his dick covered in each chick’s sweet pussy juices. He bones these horny skanks all around the room, making sure to slide his johnson deep into every inch of their soaking wet pussies. They feel so fucking amazing that he has no choice but to unload in their eager mouths.

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Make Your Dick Hard my Friends Comments Off

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Generic Viagra at RX USERS

Haha, funny title for this update. I know alot of my readers out there have girlfriends, wives, fuck buddies, etc but still love to look at porn. If your real life sex isnt going as good as you would like then you should look into generic viagra, cialis, etc. Over at RX USERS they have “get your dick hard” drugs cheaper then any place ive seen. Of course there is other stuff to make you healthy but fuck that, all we care about is fucking. LOL.

So anyway ladies and gentlemen, if your too embarrassed to go to the doctor, or if you feel its no ones fucking business, check out RX USERS to get your viagra and other fuck drugs.

Peace Ya’ll!

December 6, 2008

Vannah Sterling In Cougar Likes Doggy Comments Off

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Vannah Sterling Gets a Bone
Vannah is going out of town for a bit and she needs someone to look after her little doggie who she loves, while she’s gone. Luckily her young stud boy neighbor John happens to be unemployed and available to do the job for her. John turns out to be such a good choice that not only does he feed the dog but he also feeds his own dog to Vannah. And since she likes doggie(s) so much, Johnny boy bends her big ass over and buries his bone hard and deep in her hot wet mature cougar pussy.

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November 2, 2008

Sarah Pailin Fucks Joey The Plumber Comments Off

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Sarah Pailin Fucks Joey The Plumber
With the economy in the shape its in and gas prices going through the roof, maverick reformer Sara Pailin decides to hire a plumber from “Discount Plumbing” to tend to her leaky faucets. When Joe The Plumber shows up to her front door, her faucets start leaking even harder from the sight of his slick bald head and big strong tools. But when Sarah asks to see Joe’s plumber license, she comes to find out that Joe has been plumbing without a license, an offense which under the coming Obamar administration could be punishable by death. She agrees to not turn Joe in for plumbing without a license if he agrees to service a wet spot of her own that needs some special attention.

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October 10, 2008

Dylan Rider Is The Hottest Milf Ever Comments Off

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Dylan Rider Is The Hottest Milf Ever
Dylan was out with her other milf friends enjoying a fun day in the sun like any other weekend. Now let me be straight up with you guys, alot of times when I watch porn I just flip straight to the last 5 minutes or so because the rest is a bunch of boring bullshit. This is the first shoot ive watched beginning to end in a long long time. This girl is just so damn hot and watching the famous milf hunter work his magick is literally like watching a master work of art. Besides Dylan being hot as fuck, i recommend checking out this update for more reasons then that, I picked up several pointers in how to get the conversation going with women and then talk them in to going back to my place. So check this out, you may just score some hotties of your own. I did! Reality Milf Kings is where its at boyz.

October 5, 2008

Kiera Kensley Gets Cock For Her Birthday Comments Off

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Cougar Gives Good Head
It’s Kiera’s birthday and this horny cougar wants nothing more on her special day then to be fucked hard by her favorite young stud. She decides to call Will and tell him that he’s invited over to her place for a birthday celebration but not invite anyone else. When he arrives, he’s suprised at the fact that he’s the only one there but is more than willing go give this birthday girl 9 inches of cock in her wet pussy for her birthday. See her swallow this lucky mans hard rod at the one and only Cougars In Heat.

September 29, 2008

Milf Hunter Scores A Nice Trophy Comments Off

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Milf Hunter Scores
If you havent got a membership to the Milf Hunter then your fucking on the verge of gay! Haha, I seriously have watched hours of that shit and he scores some of the hottest chicks you can emagine. Whats crazy is I swear he just walks up to the most random hot milfs and literally talks them out of their clothes. Thats why I cant get enough of it, ive personally tried but havent had as much success as this guy. He’s literally phenominal. Go get your membership and watch some of his stuff, you are certain to learn some great techiques on how to score your owns women. Its sick! Milf Hunter

September 26, 2008

Two Cougar Milfs Switch Husbands For The Day Comments Off

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Two married milf cougars switch men.
I came across this site while surfing the web the other day. Theres just something about two hot mommies switching stiff dick for the day. That girl in the picture can suck a dick im telling you! So if you like hot cougar porn and especially two going at it at once, your gonna love this update. Check it out over at Wife Switch.

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